No Man’s Sky Beyond | Crashes, Temporary Solutions, and Promised Developer Fixes

No Man's Sky Beyond

No Man’s Sky update Beyond is out, bringing some much-needed life to the game. The worlds seem significantly more alive than they did at launch. Well, they would if they would load. It seems No Man’s Sky’s Beyond has a few bugs.

Reported by Kotaku, the Beyond update crashes a lot on consoles, to the point of preventing users from playing the game. The developers told Kotaku that a fix is in the works. Looking at the Reddit thread on the topic, there seems to be a lot of users experiencing similar issues. One of the main ones is the game loads usually but seems to crash when they’re trying to leave their base and travel to space, giving them the code CE-34878-0.

One user reports reinstalling the update and turning off ambient multiplayer helped. This solution might be a decent band-aid solution while the developers work on a more permanent fix.

Of the crashes, CE-34878-0 seems to be the most significant bug in the system at the moment. There’s another minor one about rotating chairs, but it seems to have an easy solution. And really, count yourself lucky you can reach the chairs without the game crashing entirely.