No Man’s Sky Beyond: How to Build the Nutrient Processor

The massive new No Man’s Sky update Beyond adds tons of new content to the seemingly unsinkable game. A surprising amount of this new content comes from a simple machine called the Nutrient Processor. As the name implies, the Nutrient Processor lets you manipulate the nutritional makeup of food items — basically an oven, but with a cool sci-fi name. Using the Nutrient Processor, you can build hundreds of recipes, which you can then eat to give your character buffs or trade them in for rewards on the Anomaly. Most importantly, the Nutrient Processor is also the key to unlocking the ability to tame and mount creatures in No Man’s Sky Beyond.

Nutrient Processor Recipe

You need to gather a handful of different resources and build a few components before you can create the Nutrient Processor. Fortunately, none of them are challenging to locate.

The recipe for the Nutrient Process itself is simple. All you’ll need is two sheets of metal plating, one hermetic seal, and 25 units of sodium.

Finding Metal Plating

Making metal plating should be no trouble. You’ll need 100 units of ferrite dust for the two sheets, which is extremely common in rocks across the galaxy. You can also refine this material from various minerals if you don’t have any on hand.

Finding a Hermetic Seal

While you’ve got your Refiner running, you also need to make some condensed carbon. You need 30 condensed carbon to create a hermetic seal, which should prove no more difficult to find than ferrite dust. Carbon is one of the most abundant materials in the game, consistently found in crystal formations.

Finding Sodium

The final ingredient for your Nutrient Processor is sodium. Sodium is a bit more scarce than ferrite dust or carbon. But it shouldn’t take too long to gather the 25 units you need. Sodium can sometimes be found in resource deposits or inside other minerals. So there’s a chance you’ll come across some by accident as you search for the other two resources you need. If you need to look for the element directly, you can find it in sodium-rich yellow flowers, which you can locate with using your scanner.

Finding the Nutrient Processor Blueprint

Once you’ve gathered those resources, you’re ready to build the Nutrient Processor. If you don’t already have the blueprint, you can acquire one from an NPC in the Nexus. With your Nutrient Processor running, you can combine edible parts from plants and creatures to make food, or create bait for you to you tame and mount animals.