PlayStation’s State Of Play Reveals No Man’s Sky Beyond For PSVR

At PlayStation’s State of Play live stream, it is revealed that No Man’s Sky’s upcoming update will be playable through PlayStation VR.

No Man’s Sky, which is a survival/exploration game set in space, had a notoriously terrible launch. The game lacked the polish or the imagination that players wanted.

Through updates, No Man’s Sky was slowly growing a cult-like status, with many gamers have come around on the game.

On March 14, the game announced its most ambitious update yet. Simply title Beyond, this new update is expected to online multiplier functionality. Not much is shown except for an announcement trailer.

No Man’s Sky Beyond – VR Reveal l PSVR

Ground yourself on exotic planets and alien skies in an infinite adventure with No Man’s Sky Beyond. A part of a major new update, free for existing players. No Man’s Sky Beyond is coming summer 2019.

At the PlayStation’s State of Play, it is revealed that No Man’s Sky Beyond will be playable through VR. A small clip is played, showing what No Man’s Sky will look like through VR.

A somewhat surprising announcement at the PlayStation event, No Man’s Sky on the VR appears to be trying to emulate actual space travel. You pilot a ship, land on a planet, and begin exploring as if you are there. It is unknown when this patch will be release; presumably, it will release around the same time as Beyond comes out.

No Man’s Sky Beyond is slated to be released in the summer.