No Man’s Sky Companions update lets you adopt, breed alien pets like Pokemon

You’ve got a friend in me.

No Man's Sky Companions update lets you adopt, breed alien pets like Pokemon

Image via Hello Games

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has dropped a new update, and it allows you to befriend and breed the plethora of alien creatures that inhabit your save.

The Companions update, which dropped alongside a new trailer alongside its patch notes, enables players to tame and adopt alien creatures as pets, and the bond you form with them comes with a host of benefits. No Man’s Sky fans will also be able to interact with their new companions using a neuro-translation link on their Exosuit, breed them to create never-before-seen fauna, and outfit them with a variety of customizable accessories.

Once players have tamed any of the available creatures populating their game, companions can be summoned anywhere — including the Space Anomaly — at any time. Feeding, playing with, and giving your pet attention will increase the bond between you, and results in your new friends scanning for useful resources, providing a light source in dark areas, fending off hostiles, and locating hidden treasures.

Players can adopt up to six creatures at a time, and potential pets come with a pre-determined, one-in-a-million personality that ensures that no two creatures will ever be alike. The in-game Companion Register provides an overview of your collection, and each creature’s mood, trust, and personalities. Pets can also be renamed or abandoned if you decide your time together is over.

Pets that are well looked after will also lay eggs, which you can incubate in your Exosuit to produce new lifeforms. These newborns will possess looks and traits from their parents, but differ in other ways. Caring for them will be vital if you want to see them grow up, so don’t leave their parent to do all of the dirty work.

No Man’s Sky is available to buy on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.