No Man’s Sky Expedition 7: Leviathan brings space whales to the game at last

While not a full update, there’s still a lot of new content on offer.

no mans sky expedition 7 leviathan brings space whales to the game at last

Screenshot via Hello Games’ YouTube channel

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Hello Games has today announced No Man’s Sky Expedition 7: Leviathan. This is the seventh narrative-driven adventure in No Man’s Sky’s unique seasonal story mode and brings a new element into the mix to turn the concept on its head once again. In addition, players have the opportunity to earn another unique Frigate to take with them in every subsequent playthrough, a space whale.

No Man’s Sky Expedition 7: Leviathan has been announced at the time of writing but has no release date. It will last for six weeks once it launches, which will likely happen toward the end of this week or early next week, giving players ample time to earn its rewards.

This Expedition is different from the previous six because it has a time loop element. Players will need to complete each Milestone and Phase as usual, but when they die, they revert to the first planet they spawned on and will need to restart from scratch. However, some progress is saved, meaning the penalty of death isn’t quite as brutal as it could be. For example, any Milestones and Phases completed in one loop will remain so even after a death and restart.

As with all Expeditions, there are several time-limited rewards on offer with Expedition 7: Leviathan, including the Temporal Starship Trail, three unique posters, the Whalestalker Cloak, and the Organic Frigate Calf. Finally, you can also claim The Leviathan, the creature players hunt throughout the Expedition as a Frigate to take into every adventure from here on out.

This Expedition comes soon after the conclusion of Expedition 6: Blighted, which launched with the game’s Outlaws update. While some new elements are added to Expedition mode, this isn’t a full update in the traditional sense, which means there could be a new major content drop for No Man’s Sky in the future. With the release of the Nintendo Switch port of the game coming this summer, it would make sense if a new update and that port coincided with a single release date.