No Man’s Sky for Mac Brings the Procedural Universe to Apple Devices Today

After days of posting apples on Twitter, Hello Games finally announces No Man’s Sky Mac, an update bringing the game to Apple computers.


Screenshot via Hello Games

After days of sharing nothing but apple emojis on Twitter, Hello Games founder Sean Murray has finally revealed the next big update for the studio’s sci-fi sandbox universe title, No Man’s Sky Mac. As the name suggests, this update brings No Man’s Sky to Apple Mac devices, from iMac and MacBook Pro to Mac Mini.

Fans have been waiting all week for an update on No Man’s Sky, and it’s finally here. Since its launch, the game has only been available on consoles and PC, coming to Switch just last year. No Man’s Sky Mac marks the moment a brand new audience on previously restrictive hardware can access a game with one of the most positive online communities.

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No Man’s Sky is Finally Available on Mac Following Today’s Update

After days of teasing the next update, Hello Games finally revealed today that No Man’s Sky is available for Mac devices. This opens the game up to a massive new audience of players on hardware that has historically been quite restrictive. Whether they’re using an iMac, a MacBook Pro in the breakroom, or a Mac Mini, all Mac users can access the game.

The community’s reaction to this news has been resoundingly positive. No Man’s Sky players are always happy to see new players join their universe. Mac users will benefit from the seven years of updates Hello Games has added since the game launched in 2016, something very few games can boast.

There are no other gameplay additions with the Mac Update, which might disappoint some players expecting something akin to the recent Interceptor Update. However, among the celebrating is whether this update will also bring the game to iPad.

As user rcr_92 pointed out on Twitter, a paragraph pulled directly from Apple’s website strongly suggests that No Man’s Sky is coming to iPad. While the Mac Update might not be the one to make this leap, it’s easy to see the game getting there at some point. After all, Hello Games managed to squeeze No Man’s Sky and its years of updates onto a Nintendo Switch cartridge.

This comes just a few days before Apple’s WWDC 2023, which will take place on June 5. Many fans expected this update to be revealed alongside the company’s rumored new AR/VR headset during the event. While the update might be out of the bag, No Man’s Sky could still be a prominent title featured during the headset’s reveal.