No Man’s Sky Next Update Screenshots & Multiplayer Details: Dogfighting, Races, Base Building

No Man's Sky Beyond

Sean Murray was undoubtedly the most anticipated guest for the latest Inside Xbox broadcast, where he was invited to discuss the Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky alongside other interesting details about the NeXT update.

According to Murray, who’ll launch the game on Microsoft’s console and the NeXT update on PC and PS4 on July 24, players will be given the chance to build bases together, explore with their friends and even race against them with vehicles.

No Man's Sky Next Update Screenshot

“So you can play it with a bunch of your friends. A small group of your friends can go exploring or you can come across random strangers and other traveler. You can pair up together in a team and like just work together to survive,” Hello Games founder told Graeme Boyd.

“So like we have got base building as well. So you can build bases together. You can build everything from tiny, little shelters to complex colonies spread across multiple planets. They’re all online, other people can come and visit and find them.”

As said, there’ll be a chance to play with friends but also against them and against a number of enemies to be met in No Man’s Sky space. Although we were not given specific details about the number of gamers you can meet in a server, it was detailed there’ll be combat and races.

“We have space as well dogfighting. You can be involved in big space battles, be a pilot or wingman. Something I love, which is a thing we added in our updates [are] vehicles. So you can race those against your friends. You can build racetracks on alien planets or lay down trail of your favorite path, a kind of scenic route.”

We’ll probably learn more about this at E3 2018 ahead of the launch of the update and the new Xbox One version later in July.

Check out No Man’s Sky Next Update screenshots:

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