No Man’s Sky Outlaws update brings smuggling, pirate settlements, and more to the game

The update also adds capes and hoods.


Image via No Man’s Sky YouTube channel

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Today Hello Games announced No Man’s Sky Outlaws, the next free update for the title. As you can tell from the name, this update focuses on illegal activities in charted and uncharted space. Namely smuggling, pirates, and improved space combat, alongside several other smaller updates.

In No Man’s Sky Outlaws, players will find a host of new content, including capes and hoods to customize their character with. New ships that appear to have solar sails have been introduced alongside the plethora of piracy that’s now present within the game itself.

While acting as a pirate, possibly completing a few bounties, you can attack pirate bases with a recruitable squad of ships. The loot you steal must then be hidden as you dodge cargo scans on your way back to your clients.

In addition to pirate bases, you can find planetary frigates where pirates have set down and are fighting for the treasures within. Earn enough, and you can upgrade those that fly by your side to create an unstoppable squad that can complete any job that comes their way.

Finally, the new update comes with the announcement of a new Expedition. No Man’s Sky Expedition 6: Blighted, will launch in the coming weeks and sees players tackle a group of pirate scum known as The Blight.

The official patch notes detail every change that’s arrived in this update, including those that improve cloth simulation for a more realistic experience. At the time of writing, Hello Games has teased a new look at the Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky, but there’s still no release date.