No More Heroes 3 Creator “Really Wants To Do Something More For Switch”


Goichi “Suda51” Suda has shared some more information about how he’s feeling with regards to the Switch and No More Heroes 3.

In a recent interview, he has indeed detailed how he feels great about the latest Nintendo console and his work at Grasshopper.

“I think Switch is great, basically it is THE video game console, that is, you can start and play directly, and they are giving a lot of support to independent games, something great,” he told

“I really want to do something more for Switch,” he added, which, after the ending of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes looks like a great hint at NMH3.

“I feel that, at the moment, we have the best environment we’ve ever had, and the best team to date, things are going very, very well in Grasshopper,” he said, detailing he has a team of 25 developers which makes him feel like he’s indie again.

“It’s the first time in a long time that I can get into the more concrete details of creating the game, I can go with the people on the team and really talk to them while they’re working, give them specific guidelines, see exactly what they’re working on. each, see exactly how the game is going.”

In the recent past, Suda has hinted at his and Travis’ presence at E3 2019, so there’s a chance No More Heroes 3 gets announced at Nintendo’s media briefing.