No More Heroes III gets new story details at The Game Awards 2019


After an odd start to a relatively cool trailer, one big swap led to No More Heroes III getting a little bit of love at The Game Awards 2019.

With some music and an art style reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki’s projects, a story of an alien leaving and then coming back as a to enact some superhero story was ditched to show Travis Touchdown making his return again.

We got a significant look at the story, which features said alien coming back after a 20-year departure, meeting his friend who helped him get home, and announcing that he is bored and ready to have some fun by taking over the planet. The self-proclaimed superhero is the focus of the trailer, but Travis does show up at the end with his usual cocky flair.

Outside of the principal alien, FU, we also see eight others that will serve as the bosses and antagonists of the game’s story. There is a brief mention of an Intergalactic Superhero Rankings, which is very similar to the Assassin Rankings from the previous No More Hero games and is likely going to be the main thing pushing Travis forward.

No More Heroes III has a 2020 release window, but even Travis makes a joke about how that is going to be hard to manage. More information about the game will likely come during the Nintendo Direct of 2020, so keep your eyes out for an even weirder trailer next time.