No More Heroes 3 Features the Return of Kimmy Howell and Destroyman


Goicha “Suda 51” Suda surprised his fans earlier this year with the formal announcement of a No More Heroes sequel, following the success of the previously released spin-off Travis Strikes Again. Today, more information about the title came out during a live stream on IGN Japan, with two returning characters highlighted.

The first is Kimmy Howell, who previously debuted in No More Heroes 2. Designed by character designer Mari Shimazaki, she’s taken more of a diva form this time around. However, her return will likely have her trying to take down Travis Touchdown once more. Her first concept art is below, complete with what appears to be a Darth Maul-like double-ended lightsaber.


Also returning is Destroyman. Featuring design by Studio HIVE’s Skan Srisuwan, there are different forms he’ll take in the game.

First up is Mass Produced, in which he’ll be in some thickly designed armor.


His next armor, MPD-T Trueface, is a little more elaborate, complete with a stylish mohawk and more of an Americanized look.


But then there’s Final Destroyman. This artwork is probably the most interesting design of all, with a red face in the center of the armor and stylish black and red design. However, fans probably shouldn’t expect this in No More Heroes 3. Suda said he’ll likely save this transformation for a follow-up down the road.


To conclude the live stream, the team noted that a five-minute trailer for No More Heroes 3 is in the works, possibly with gameplay. A premiere date did not appear, but it could arrive before the year’s end.

No More Heroes 3 is set to release for Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020.