No More Heroes III is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020 | E3 2019


No More Heroes is finally back! With a surprise drop at the Nintendo Direct, No More Heroes III was announced with Travis Touchdown pulling off a mix of Iron Man and Power Rangers as he fights an army of weird looking enemies and blasts some big structures in the sky.

This long-awaited title hits at the perfect time, especially since most people didn’t see it coming this soon after Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes came out earlier this year. The Switch will see more of Travis soon, and Suda51 is on top of the game once more.

Apparently, the story will have Travis coming back to his hometown after 10 years and dealing with mysterious structures that have suddenly appeared. Since No More Heroes II came out nearly a decade ago, playing with that timeframe in-game is pretty cool.

There is no date for when the return will officially be out, but it does have a release window for some time in 2020. That trailer was the perfect middle ground for what was an amazing conference that showcased dozens of highly anticipated titles.