Recent Noclip Documentary Shares IO is Working On Hitman 3


Those who were hoping for more from the Hitman series, you’re in luck. The most recent Noclip documentary video featured an interview with Hitman developers, IO Interactive, and they share they have Hitman 3 in the works right now.

The documentary video is called The Fall & Rise of Hitman. It’s the first video of a four-part series Noclip plans to release following the split IO Interactive had with Square Enix. The split allowed IO the opportunity to become an independent studio and continue to hold onto the Hitman series license.

Incredibly, IO Interactive does not plan to stop any time soon. They’re moving forward as hastily as possible to keep their series not only alive but relevant in a consistently shifting industry.

Hitman 2 was slightly different than the first rebooted Hitman game that released during 2016. In Hitman 2, players had access to all of the maps and targets of the game, allowing them to blow through it at their own pace. Hitman was different, where IO would release the maps and marks on an episodic basis. Players would have purchased the entire game upfront, and have content poured out slowly to them throughout a series of months, along with frequent updates to their maps while they waited.

In the video, IO says the team enjoyed the episodic form of the series. They’d like to return to that fluidity for Hitman 3. Doing so may give fans more to play within the game, rather than in Hitman 2 where they ran through everything at a quicker pace. It offers players the chance to find new ways to take out targets on a particular map before moving on to the next one when it’s ready.

There’s no exact timeline for Hitman 2, but we’re likely going to hear more details sometimes next year. Hitman released in 2016, and Hitman 2 released in late 2018, so it’s likely, we may see Hitman 3 out closer to the end of 2020, or early 2021.