Nolan North Says Marvel’s Avengers Graphics Bests Uncharted, The Last Of Us

Marvels Avengers New Release Date

Voice actor Nolan North gave an interesting comment about Marvel’s Avengers, where he plays Tony Stark and Iron Man. Nolan has worked on many video games, like the Uncharted saga. But he says he’s never seen anything quite like Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s upcoming title.

“It absolutely is one of the most stunning things…”, North said at Manchester Comic-Con (via GamesRadar+). “You can’t tell where in-game cinematics and gameplay [separate]…it’s so seamless…”

“You always worry that [a game] looks so good, and then you get the game and you’re like, ‘oh gameplay doesn’t look as good.’,” Nolan added. “[Avengers] really, visually, it’s one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen. And obviously with The Last of Us, Uncharted, they’re amazing, but [Avengers] blew me away.”

Considering his past experiences, and the quality of the games he has worked on, it’s extremely promising that North thinks such things. They serve as a reassurance that Marvel’s Avengers turns out to become a solid entry in videos, despite the game’s lukewarm E3 2019 debut.

Luckily enough, the time of speculation and doubts is almost about to end. Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix will finally show a public demo of the title as soon as next month, the week after Gamescom, revealed a few weeks ago.

Hopefully, we’ll get to have the same impressions as Nolan North when we see it in action.