Tetsuya Nomura: “At Least One More KH Title Before Kingdom Hearts 4”


As part of the Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania publication, Tetsuya Nomura has shared more about the future of the series.

After so many years, Square Enix has managed to ship Kingdom Hearts III, but the game doesn’t look to be the end of the road for the franchise.

Indeed, there’s a plan for a Kingdom Hearts 4, but not only that. According to Nomura, there’ll even be other games before that happens.

“As for the next Kingdom Hearts, there will be at least one KH title that will release before a KH4,” said the character designer and game director.

From the looks of it, Nomura feels like he needs to fill some gaps before he can jump into another game from the main series.

Of course, the Japanese artist used a quite specific wording: “if there is another game.” So we don’t have anything official right now, but it seems there’s already an idea of the future direction for the franchise.

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