Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp finally gets a normal pair of pants


A regular ole’ pair of jeans has been added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

And it’s about time. Since clothing crafting started in Pocket Camp, Nintendo has offered up a wide range of pants options: Cuffed pants, camouflage pants, tartan pants. But none were pants that matched everything—the pair of jeans you wear all the time.

The pants added in the new Pocket Camp update aren’t technically jeans—they’re called grey formal pants. Close enough. Here’s what else was added:

  • Halo
  • Sky dress
  • Blue frames
  • Beige emblem blazer

All of these items are available for crafting in the clothing crafting menu.

Nintendo said more clothes will be added to Pocket Camp on a regular basis, with some items only available when a player reaches a certain level. Clothing crafting was added to Pocket Camp in January, allowing players to create clothes rather than wait for items at the pop-up markets.

Players can create shirts, pants, shoes, glasses, and hats using Pocket Camp’s raw resources, like cotton. It works just like furniture: Clothes must be ordered from Mabel. After a short wait, they’ll be available for wearing.