Northgard Clan of the Lynx expansion update – Patch notes

Lynxes have answered the call of Northgard.

Image via Shiro Games

Northgard is a real-time strategy game with elements of city-building and population management. The game’s latest DLC pack has dropped, launching the new Lynx Clan into the world of Northgard. The Lynx Clan’s gameplay is based on hunting to gain upgrades, with hunting-themed units and buildings replacing default structures. The patch also drops a new host of changes, balancing, and fixes to the game.

One of the big changes coming with this update is the new gameplay rules for the Mimirsbrunn, the bonus objective that spawns on maps provides an extra optional objective to gain more lore. Mimirsbrunn is now a feature that players need to keep hold of if they want to keep the tech they have unlocked with it. Players can’t just throw Lorekeepers at the feature to get bonuses anymore, and instead, they must fight and defend one of the most important tech features on the map.

Ranged units are now going to be much more user friendly. Instead of clumping, the units should theoretically place themselves in better positions to get the most out of their range on an attack order. This should take away some of the micromanaging pains from the game without directly ruining the skill level. 

See the patch notes in full below.

Brundr & Kaelinn, The Clan of the Lynx

Starting Bonuses

  • Earn Hunting Trophies on animal kills.
  • You can summon Brundr and Kaelinn to your Training Camp. Mielikki the Beastmaster is weaker than other warchiefs but does not cost iron.
  • The Archery Range replaces the Axe Thrower Camp. The Trackers they train are ranged units shooting a wide variety of arrows.
  • The Path of the Hunter replaces Military Paths. Spend Hunting Trophies to unlock powerful abilities for Brundr, Kaelinn and the Trackers.

Fame Bonuses

Lure (200 Fame)

  • Unlock Mythical Lure for Mielikki. She can place a lure in a non enemy controlled zone, which will periodically attract Mythical animals. They come in higher numbers as time passes.

Oskoreia (500 Fame)

  • Unlock the Oskoreia ability for Mielikki. She can recall the last and strongest Mythical animals the clan killed. In their spirit form, they come back for a last rampage on earth.


  • Glepnir, The Lynx Relic allows the user to place a trap in a non-enemy zone. Activate on demand to reveal spikes that damage and slow the enemy as long as he stays within. Last 30 seconds.

Lore Tree

Spoils of plenty

  • The next Feast’s  cost is reduced by 5% (up to 50%) per animal you clan killed. +2 Happiness  during a Feast. Also give one free Silo upgrade.

Defensive Arrows

  • Defense Towers are equipped with the Tracker’s arrows you have selected in the Archery Range.


  • Lynxes frequently leap and dodge every attack while airbone. Gives Brundr and Kaelinn +35% max life.


  • Mielikki can place one additional lure at a time. Oskoreia spirits gain +20% Attack Power.


  • Unlocks Trading Routes at the Trading Post. Allows you to sell Hunting trophies in the Marketplace (2:1 ratio). Merchants produce +15% more Kröwns.

General Changes

[NEW] Korean language is now available on Northgard.

[NEW]  Server zone for Asia.

[NEW] Northgard is now compatible with Asus Aura keyboard. Aura provides a nearly endless spectrum of colors, patterns and the ability to link lighting to Northgard in-game activity.

[NEW] New music ‘Angst Of The Unlighted’ has been added to the game.

[NEW] Sound design for Militia.

User Interface

[REWORKED] Cooldown icon has been added above Ancient Graveyard.

[NEW]  Option menu has been improved.

[BUGFIX] In “Create new game’ menu, “Advanced options” has been corrected. These options were reseted after each new game. 

[BUGFIX] Clicking on a unit’s skill no longer removes the health bar.


Lifebar UI has been improved. Getting an affect with a lifebar icon (ex: BloodBath) forces the display of the lifebar for the duration of the affect.

[BUGFIX] Lifebar icons no longer appear above the blizzard effect.

Gameplay Changes

• Mimirsbrunn is no longer a “consumable”: if a player has already recovered his tech, another player can now take the tile back and seek his own tech.

• A player must own Mimirsbrunn if he wants to benefit from the tech he has chosen. If he loses Mimirsbrunn, he must take it back to benefit from the effect.

• Each player can choose their own tech, the tech is not related to Mimirsbrunn.

• Mimirsbrunn button in the lore tree has been moved.

Jormunr Relic

[NEW]  5 colonized zones gives +1 ⇒ +2 lore  production.

• [REWORK] Ranged units no longer try to find a place at max range of their targets (especially Watch Towers) if they are already placed and in range. In general, groups of ranged units should try to place themselves a bit smarter around the field.

• [REWORK] Attack speed and animation-based damage calculations have been cleaned up and rewritten to standardize the results for all cases.

 These changes affect:

– Slows: Different slows no longer stack, only the strongest current slow is taken into account and correctly affects the target’s DPS.

– Ranged units: Had a different way to calculate their attacks’ damages, which resulted in DPS changes with attack speed.

• [REWORK] Ranged units’ delay between chained attacks was reduced and correctly taken into account for damage calculations

These changes should allow ranged units to attack faster but only once they started shooting.

It also resolved an issue that highly reduced the DPS of ranged attacks (by ~25%), this should be fixed so expect Axe throwers and Trackers to be as deadly from afar as they are in melee range.

• [NEW] Right-clicking on an allied unit should move the units to the clicked position and not also that allied unit you clicked on.

• [NEW] Wolves will no longer attack the surroundings when their zone is being invaded.

• [NEW] Forging an object (ex: relic) while transferring the zone with the forge to an ally, no longer reset progress nor remove resources involved.


• Horse 200 fame  bonus gave 5% damage  bonus to warriors and axes throwers. This was not intended and it has been corrected.

• Food trade technology : Food trade now increases your Trade Routes Kröwns  income by 70% on tiles with a natural food source as intended.

• Trade iron  to 0 and getting “Jord’s blessing” now gives 10 iron  instead of 9.

• Magni’s influence from the dragon’s essence bar now shows the correct bonus.

• Dragon’s ‘Capture’ tech : Enslaved Myrkalfar count as +3 ⇒ 2 thralls.

• Vegvisir can no longer be generated on “Imported Knowledge” battle.

• Affects don’t get initialized nor completely removed when reloading a game during ongoing affects.

• Fisherman tool has been corrected. In a very specific case, it was not properly working.

• AI Units no longer attack abandoned towers while they could be captured.

• Fixed instant scout injury / Death. Happening when you had Vedrfolnir revealing many tiles before you sent the scout out.

• Selection of friendly units to heal from the healer hut now works correctly.

• Villagers no longer request more houses when a house finishes building.

• A villager turned into a scout is no longer in “No work” (for 2 seconds) after his transformation.

• During the victory dance, some villagers were in “no work” ; This is no longer the case.

• Fixed several crashing issues in multiplayer.


• AI in the conquest battle “Beyond the sea” has been fixed.

• Militia can now appear in “Surrounded” conquest mission.

• It is no longer possible to produce krowns in battle conquest ‘Greed’s price’ with Stag clan and its tech ‘the Value of Great Deeds’.

• Special rule “The Eldhrumnir relic costs no Iron , takes half the time to forge and doesn’t count as a build relic” in battle ‘Race to Yggrasil’.


• +40 lore  from stag’s starting bonus are now correctly given.

• In chapter 3, skipping through the dialogue won’t block Brand and his warriors anymore.


Button “How to add a mod to multiplayer” has been reworked. 

NEW Added function Player.unlockTech() to grant techs to the player.

NEW Added function Player.lockTech() to remove techs from the player.

NEW Added function Player.giveFreeTech() to grant free techs to the player.

NEW Added function Player.unlockedForFree() to know if a tech was unlocked for free.

NEW Added function Player.genericNotify to display custom notifications from script.

NEW Added Player.addPingFlag() to ping the minimap and the world with a flag.

NEW Added field GameState.scriptDesc to add a descriptive text in the Mod window, accessible from the Victory Progress screen.

NEW Added function Player.equipArrow() to change Tracker’s arrow type.

NEW Added function Player.getActiveArrowType() to know which arrows are currently used.

NEW Added function Player.hasTrophy() to know if a Hunting Board ability was unlocked.

NEW Added function Player.unlockTrophy() to unlock a Hunting Board ability for the lynx.

NEW Added function isHost() to test if the script is executed host side or client side. (Multiplayer only)

NEW Added function Player.getTradingPosts() to get all trading posts owned by the player.

NEW A new property “InstantBuild” has been added for buildings in CDB.