Not-actually-Quidditch game Broomstick League coming to Steam Early Access in March

There’s no Snitch to catch here.

Red and blue characters flying on broomsticks with motion blur around a grey arena.

Image via Blue Isle

A new sports game featuring flying broomsticks is coming to Steam Early Access in March. The premise of Broomstick League is a bit like Rocket League, but with brooms instead of cars. Players will get to customize their witch or wizard and compete against other players in a sports setting. Harry Potter fans may recognize this premise, but hold your Firebolts, it’s not Quidditch.

A new trailer from the developer, Virtual Basement, revealed the new release date of March 5. Virtual Basement is a lesser-known developer associated with the Ark: Survival Evolved games, while Blue Isle is behind similar games such as Citadel and Valley. A sports game may seem odd from these two companies, but the fantasy element is familiar territory for them. 

Leaning heavily into the magical potential, Broomstick League will have customizable witch and wizard characters, magic wands to blast opponents or defend themselves, and “mystical arenas.” Players can also customize the look of their brooms and wands and equip emotes to use in a match. 

While it sounds a lot like Quidditch, and will likely draw a lot of Harry Potter fans who have dreamed of competing in the Wizarding World’s favorite sport, the rules are not as complex. There’s no game-ending Snitch that will grant the catching team 150 points. There’s no dangerous Bludgers that will knock players off their booms (but players can with spells). Matches can be 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. The main goal is scoring with the single ball and outmaneuvering your opponents.

The game comes to Steam Early Access March 5. Players who cannot wait that long can sign up to join the live beta, which takes place now through Feb. 8. Earning a spot in the beta test is not guaranteed, but hopeful players can fill out a questionnaire to be considered.