Leaked NPD Reports States PS4 Was The Best Selling Console In February 2018


NPD February results have apparently leaked, revealing a bit ahead of time how the main consoles performed throughout the last month in North America, of course in terms of units sold across the country.

Based on this leak, the relative sales volumes of game hardware, including the SNES classic, was like this:

NPD February 2018 Results Leaked

  • PS4: 1.3
  • Xbox One: 1.11
  • Nintendo Switch: 1
  • Others: 0.49
  • 3DS: 0.37

“Game hardware (including SNES Classic) sales volume in the US was up 38% YoY in February 2018 (up 38% in Apr–Feb FY3/18) and software sales volume was up 5% (flat in Apr–Feb),” the leaked report states.

By SKU, the top-selling title was Monster Hunter: World for PS4, followed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo), and Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo) both for Nintendo Switch. It’s worth noting digital sales are not included in these numbers.

February 2018 NPD Results Leaked

Source: ResetEra