Blair Witch dev teases possible sequel to its 2017 psychological horror game Observer

The sci-fi cyberpunk adventure could be coming for round two.


Image via Bloober Team

Blooper Team, the developer behind Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, has teased that it is about to announce a new game, with strong hints toward a sequel to its 2017 psychological horror indie title Observer.

A tweet, which was accompanied by the hashtags #cyberpunk and #horrorgame, included a 30-second teaser that simply shows “Incoming Call,” surrounded by loud white noise and static from a phone call. 

The original game was a first-person shooter where you take on the role of a Polish police officer with the ability to hack implants within people’s brains, and, as you might expect for a psychological horror game, the results lead you down a rabbit hole. The game also includes detective elements and RPG-style dialogue trees when speaking to the various in-game characters.

Observer released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2017, with a Switch port landing last year, and was met with a positive response critically and with fans. The quality of the concept was enough to convince American production company Zero Gravity to pick up the rights to the game and announce a film adaptation in late 2017 (link in Polish).

While the tweet doesn’t explicitly state that the game is a sequel, with the success behind the first and the potential film adaptation coming in the future, continuing exposure to the game can only bring more success for Blooper Team.