Observer Studio Has A Second Unannounced Game In Development


At E3 2019, a new game was announced by Bloober Team, the studio behind the much-appreciated horror game Observer. It was quite surprising as they had just released Layers of Fear 2, and no one was expecting them to drop such a big announcement so soon.

On top of that, Blair Witch is also launching on August 30, 2019, which means that by the time it comes out only a few months will be passed since the release of Layers of Fear 2. Since it’s an indie studio, you could be asking how do they manage to do that, to ship so many games in such a short timeframe?

In an interview with Eurogamer, we do learn that Bloober Team is split into smaller teams, which allows them to create more and more games in a reduced window. Interestingly, the Observer team has been working on Layers of Fear 2, and then went to help the team behind Blair Witch upon completion.

There’s a third team working on something else, but at the time being the Polish developer doesn’t want to spill the beans, perhaps because it will be taking a little more time than LoF 2 and Blair Witch, that is also coming to other platforms in the future as we just learned outside of Xbox One and PC.

“After Observer, we split into three smaller teams to work on a few different projects,” said a member of the development group. “One [team] was doing Layers of Fear 2 – and a lot of those people now came to our project – and there is a third team, which we can’t really talk about,” added Blair Witch writer Basia Kciuk.

Looking at the curriculum vitae of Bloober, we bet it’ll be another horror game, perhaps a sequel to Observer? We’ll see.