Obsidian and inXile Tried To Acquire Baldur’s Gate III License

At the Google Stadia latest reveal we learned about the existence of Baldur’s Gate III, which is releasing at some point for the streaming platform and PC. The game is being made by RPG maestros at Larian Studios (Divinity Original Sin), although there were multiple developers interested in the license.

As revealed by Brian Fargo, both his company inXile and Obsidian have tried to acquire the license in the past, but in both the cases, something happened that led the studios to give up on it. In the case of inXile, it was the financial issues of Atari back in the days.

“I love that title. You know, both me and [Obsidian CEO] Feargus [Urquhart] were chasing that for years. [Larian CEO] Swen [Vincke] too. All of us, for a decade,” Fargo shared with IGN. “After I left Interplay, it was the first thing I went for. I got very, very close at one point. I had the financing all lined up, and then Atari got into trouble…”

“Feargus had a better inside track than I did and he wasn’t able to do it. And then Larian ended up doing it, which was a great choice by the way. It was a great choice. [But] we all tried for it,” he added, which hints at how difficult it must have been to get it for Larian.

The fun fact is that inXile and Obsidian are part of the Xbox Game Studios now, and perhaps with the financial sustain of such a big company as Microsoft is, they could’ve managed to put their hands on the intellectual property.

However, Baldur’s Gate III is in excellent hands now, and both inXile and Obsidian are working on their great stuff currently (Wasteland 3, The Outer Worlds), so we don’t have regrets at all.