Octopath Traveler PC Rated In Korea


Octopath Traveler was one of my games of the year in 2018, and probably the title I enjoyed the most on Nintendo Switch.

It’s an exclusive for Nintendo produced and published by Square Enix, but apparently, the deal that led to the exclusivity is about to end.

Indeed, a rating for the PC version of Octopath Traveler has been spotted in Korea, which seemingly hints at a 2019 release for it.

The title launched in July 2018 for the Switch, so it’s likely going to take a little more to end that deal, which we think should span one entire year.

Once the deal has expired, we’re probably going to see Octopath Traveler reach other platforms, beginning evidently with the PC.

Square Enix has big plans for the IP, which turned to be rather successful although being relatively low budget, two things publishers love.

A smartphone prequel, Champions of the Continent, is in the making for smartphones, and a sequel is on its way, too.

We’ll update you as soon as more news on the future of the franchise pop up on the net.