PlayStation Fans Demand Official PS4 Pro Enhanced Games List

Microsoft knows how to keep Xbox Community happy and one simple reason behind it is give them what they want before they ask for it, for example since the launch of Xbox One X, Microsoft has launched a dedicated page that gives a clear information on which games are enhanced, reach 4K, and have HDR support, and on top of that there is a separate list of games which have enhancements currently in development. Can we say this same thing for Sony and PlayStation 4 Pro? The answer is a big NO.

PS4 Pro Enhanced Games List‚Äč

There is no official list from Sony that provides all the above mention information for PlayStation 4 Pro.

PS4 Pro Enhanced Games List

What is the other way when you don’t get what you want? Start asking for it. PlayStation fans have gone with this same approach, a thread has appeared on Reddit asking Sony to put up an official list of PlayStation 4 Pro enhanced titles.

At the time of writing this, the thread has received close to 4.5K upvotes. The creator of the thread “824587” assumes that “Sony didn’t do it (official list of PS4 Pro Enhanced Games) because the number of games that reach 4K on the Pro would make it look bad against the X.

Unofficial lists, like the one on Resetera, aren’t quite enough, because they don’t have any info on titles that have enhancements currently in development. Also, PS Store filters only show games that are enhanced, but nothing about 4K or HDR.”

In addition to this, 824587 ask PS4 sub-Reddit members to take this campaign to Twitter and ask for the list to “@AskPlayStation” with a hashtag “#PS4ProSupport”.

It would be interesting to see whether Sony will respond to the demand or not.