Old School RuneScape point-and-clicks its way onto Steam

It’s time to make things old school again.

Image via Jagex

When RuneScape took the world by storm back in 2001, it was hard to imagine it still being around 20 years later. The graphics were relatively simplistic and we were just starting to see the next wave of MMORPGs that would take the place of EverQuest. However, the team at Jagex and the dedicated community have ensured that RuneScape continues to be successful two decades later.

To that end, Jagex has been working to bring both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape to even more platforms. That means OSRS is making its way over to Steam. While the game is obviously already available on PC, bringing it to Steam gives the game even more visibility. Hopefully, that leads to a bigger audience.

Speaking of that audience, the current community’s response to OSRS launching on Steam seems very positive. In fact, players are even sharing ways to trick Steam into thinking they’re using the store to boost the game’s player count. That might sound weird, but the Steam version doesn’t have the plugin support that the popular open source client RuneLite has. Veteran players on Reddit and Twitter are showing how to take that extra step to help improve the game’s visibility on Steam.

Games don’t get that kind of community without tons of time and effort. What should be clear to new players is that Old School RuneScape veterans want the game to continue growing and being a space for everyone to have a good time. Even if you haven’t hopped in before, now seems like an excellent time to do so.