You Have One Day Left To Grab Descenders For 20% Off


Sports! They are dangerous things. Sprained ankles, scuffed knees, and dislocated heads are all completely realistic things to expect when you partake in them. Sure, they might have some benefit like making you get fresh air, and move your body, but are they really worth the risk? Thankfully you can also enjoy sports via the medium of computer games. Descenders, the new game from developers Rage Squid, allows you to experience the thrill of downhill biking from the safety of your computer.

Currently in early access, the game features a lot of hills that you cycle down while trying to do cool stunts. As a guy who maintained a pretty serious Tony Hawk and Skate addiction, this looks like the bike game I never knew I wanted. Until now. A recently released hotfix brought Korean, Japanese and Portuguese-Brazilian language support to the game, as well as a few fixes to bugs.

The game is also currently discounted by 20% on Steam, although this discount is gone in about 24 hours. If you want it for a little less money that you would normally pay, it is best to grab it now.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Rage Squids previous game, Action Henk, and I have to say, these guys can make an incredibly satisfying gameplay loop. I am watching this game develop with a very interested eye, if I am honest. I look forward to feel the simulated wind blow through my simulated hair, as I barrel downhill at breakneck speeds. I shall both minor injury and major death with gusto, all from the safety of my sitting room.

Ah videogames, ain’t they grand?