One in Five PlayStation 4s Sold Was A PS4 Pro Since It Launched


During an interview with MCV UK, Warwick Light, Vice President & Managing Director for the UK, IE & Australasia at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, has shared an interesting detail about PS4 Pro.

In the same interview, the exec remarked the importance of single-player games as they’re the most requested by PlayStation users.

The console has indeed had a good impact on the industry and on the market, and Light has provided some good intel about how it has sold thus far.

“The mid-lifecycle upgrade of PlayStation 4 to PS4 Pro is a good example of necessary evolution,” he said.

“In enabling the community to upgrade mid-lifecycle it has allowed our most engaged players an even more immersive experience that compliments the latest advancements in TV technology.”

Then, the most relevant piece of information for what matters sales. One console in five PS4 sold has indeed been a PlayStation 4 Pro since it launched in November 2016.

“We’ve found that around one in five PlayStation 4s sold has been a PS4 Pro since it launched and around 40 percent of these have been from existing players upgrading.

It’s definitely having a positive impact on the industry as well as on our players.”

Considering the platform is not the best possible entry in the PlayStation family for pricing reasons, it’s quite good to see there are players who value power and immersive graphics experiences the most.

Do you have a PS4 Pro, or have you decided to stick with the base model?

One in Five PlayStation 4s Sold Was A PS4 Pro Since It Launched