Online Co-Op And Versus Multiplayer Comes To Super Mario Maker 2


Super Mario Maker 2 gets a new update that adds in Online Co-Op and Versus Multiplayer.

Mario Maker 2 was released last summer and was well received. The game allowed players to construct their own Mario levels using similar tools that the developers use for the official Mario games. Players can add any enemies, power-up, or obstacle they want, and in any way they want.

One aspect of the game that received mixed reviews was the online functionality. Many people took issue with the fact that you can’t play online with your friends. Nintendo promises it will add more to online, yet things for Mario Maker 2 have become very quiet since the game was released.

Today on Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account, it was announced that a new update would get added to Mario Maker 2. The latest update is called version 1.1.0, and it includes new online features.

Version 1.1.0 allows players to play online with their friends in Multiplayer Versus or Multiplayer Co-op modes. Gamers can also select courses uploaded in Course World, as well as courses saved in the Coursebot. Coursebot also does not always need to be connected to the internet anymore to play sessions.

The update also adds in a list of Official Makers in the Leaderboards section in the game. You can now find makers on the Official Makers list and can discover new levels they made. You can even see what individual course makers make for a special occasion on this official list.

Other new features that version 1.1.0 brings is touchscreen control while in handheld mode. Players can now select a Play Together option directly from any level uploaded from a maker’s profile. Maker Profiles now include a user’s total amount of first time clears, which are the number of times a player was the first to make a new course.

For more information about what the version 1.1.0 update brings to Super Mario Maker 2, click on this link to read more.