33 Percent of People Who Have Bought Minecraft Never Opened Their Inventory

Achievements and trophies are always fascinating to watch in games. Yes, you can earn them to up your gamer credentials, but you can also learn a lot about a player base from them as well. While looking at the Xbox trophies for Minecraft, Redditor Pablo-Fablo discovered something interesting. Only 67 percent of Xbox Minecraft players have opened their inventory, or at least that is what the trophy tracker seems to believe.

While it is certainly interesting to think that one-third of the people who purchased Minecraft on Xbox never made it to opening their inventory, there is possibly a little more nuance to it than that. Firstly, trophies can only be earned in Survival mode. People that play with cheats activated, or in Creative mode, are unable to collect them. Even if you switch back to Survival mode from Creative mode, you still can’t earn them.

While there are almost certainly plenty of accounts that never really played the game, due to people picking up copies in sales, or buying in because their friends play but never actually getting around to launching the game themselves. The figures like this are quite common for a lot of games for these very reasons.

A great example is Dark Souls on Steam, where only 70% of people have lit a bonfire flame. Lighting a bonfire is one of the most fundamental aspects of the game, and is something you do very early on. As such, that missing 30% is more than likely an indicator of how many people have purchased Dark Souls on Steam and never actually played it.

It’s a little different for games like Minecraft, where people can buy multiple accounts, and the game itself presents ways that players might never earn a Trophy, such as only playing Creative mode.