Only Up! Mysteriously Disappears From Steam Amid Immense Success

Only Up! has been removed from Steam, and it could be due to the developer’s continued run-ins with asset issues.

only up gone

On June 30, around 12 PM EST, the hit rage-bait title Only Up! was removed from the Steam store. The title from indie studio SC-KR Games has seen immense success in the streaming community for both casual playthroughs and speedrunners.

When searching “Only Up!” on Google, the first result is a URL to the game’s Steam page, but clicking the link redirects searchers to the Steam Store landing page. The game can’t be found by searching via Steam, and it’s absent from the developer’s page as well.

But no one knows why Only Up! has mysteriously disappeared.

Only Up! Removed From Steam

While no one knows the actual reason why Only Up! was removed from Steam, players speculate it was due to an asset dispute. Recently, SC-KR has had to replace models in the game because they were used without the creator’s permission.

This had happened as recently as June 29, when a Twitter user and 3D artist Aboulicious called out Only Up! for using one of his assets. The model in question was the popular Waifu that appeared about halfway through the game shortly after leaving Earth.

SC-KR responded to the artists, stating they would investigate to find out how the asset made its way into the game.

Regardless, we still don’t know if this was the reason behind the game’s disappearance. We will continue to update this article if any new information is shared.