“Optimized for Series X” logo will point the way towards Microsoft’s next generation goodness

Avoiding confusion.

Xbox Series X

Microsoft has made it clear that they won’t be dropping support for the Xbox One and the Xbox One X any time soon. Even with new hardware on the way in the form of the Xbox Series X. There will be no next-gen exclusives for the console at launch, but this does not mean that every game released at that time will be optimized for the hardware either.

To avoid any potential confusion about exactly which new games are designed to take advantage of the Xbox Series X’s substantial power, Microsoft will be using the below logo to let us know exactly which games will best use what the Xbox Series X has under the hood.


It’s going to be a mild confusing, and interesting, launch of a new console. In the past, older hardware was almost instantly left behind due to the dramatic difference in the development process for games, the architecture of the consoles, and even the desire of hardware makers to push us all towards investing in the new gear.

For the Xbox Series X, backward compatibility means you don’t need to leave your old games behind, and new games that are released for the Xbox One should still, technically, run just fine on the Series X. This doesn’t mean that game has been developed with access to a Series X dev kit, or that it can really take advantage of all that processing power.

This is where the new logo comes in, if you see it, then you can be sure that the upcoming title will be trying to take advantage of every ounce of processing power from your new console. You can get your first glimpse of the new consoles upcoming titles, and the new logo in action during the forthcoming Inside Xbox on May 7, at 8 am PT, 11 am ET on theĀ Xbox Twitch channel.