Outer Wilds Rated For PlayStation 4


Outer Wilds, one of the most surprising games of the year, has just been rated for PlayStation 4. It’s currently an Epic Games Store and Xbox One exclusive. The space exploration and mystery title from Annapurna has been much appreciated over the last few months, and sure I’m one of those who already have fond memories of it.

As discovered by Gematsu, Outer Wilds has been rated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, which could mean that it is about to drop on PS4.

As for the timing, it’s not very usual that an exclusive game that has been released just four months ago is already popping up on other platforms, but it looks like the deal could have been fixed at only six months.

Should this be correct, the game could be coming to PlayStation (and possibly Nintendo Switch) in a matter of two or three months; it launched on Xbox One on May 29, so it could be available on other platforms around the end of November or the beginning of December.

As a remind of how good this title actually is, you can check over here to see how it fitted in the chart for the best games released in 2019 on Metacritic.