A Look at Locations in Outer Worlds and the Companion System during Inside Xbox


We got an in-depth look at several of the areas coming to the Outer Worlds during the Inside Xbox live stream.

We learned about some of the new locations getting featured in the game. The sites released comically in a travel announcement. They framed it in a way to make it look like they promoting the dangerous locations.

Beyond the specific locations, we got a brief look at the potential classes, and career focuses players are going to have the option to choose when they’re playing. These classes are going to have reliable weapons leaning into the stats of their ideal character.

There’s going to be dangerous weapons purely made for shooting, and some guns are going to come from the Outer Worlds’ science tree. These science-based weapons are going to do creative things to the enemies they hit, such as making them smaller or even changing their molecular compounds.

Players are going to engage the general populace in the game by completing quests for them. When players meet these NPCs, they are going to decide how they handle some of the conversations because there’s the option to lie outright to them or tell them the truth. A player’s decision on how they handle a particular NPC is going to the overall story, along with what happens to that NPC.

If a player gets assists specific NPCs enough, the companion may join the player on their overall quest as a companion. Players can have multiple companions with them. These companions are going to have unique traits, talents, and abilities, making them stand out compared to the other choices players can choose.

The Outer Worlds releases on Oct. 25 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the PC.