Virtual Basement Announce Outlaws of the West


Virtual Basement, an indie game studio behind the Ark: Survival Evolved games, is making a brand-new survival game set in the old west called Outlaws of the West. For those who didn’t get their western fix from Red Dead Redemption: 2, this survival game may scratch all the right itches.

As of right now, we have sparse details regarding the new title. Outlaws of the West will feature a player-driven economy, settlement customization, crafting, harvesting, and a player-driven narrative. What Virtual Basement means by player-driven narrative is they’re going to have a morality system. A character earns morality by defending other players, protecting settlements, or by attacking players and attempting to destroy settlements. Players earn different points based on their actions.

The initial map size for the game is going to be 25-by-25k with diverse environments, such as deserts, plains, swamps, and snowy mountains. You can travel through the game by yourself, or take a small group with you to conquer the unforgiving western front. For players who build enough of a stable settlement, they can create small towns and become the mayor, making it an ideal location for travelers to stop in for rest.

Virtual Basement plans to launch the game at an early access stage where they’re going to have servers for PvP, PvE, and RP. Devoted players can also create unofficial servers outside of the mains offered by the developers.

Outlaws of the West jumps onto Steam’s early access on March 12. When the game does launch, it’ll be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Virtual Basement did not announce an official launch date for the game.