Outriders developer hopes to perform a public post mortem of launch server issues

A look under the hood.

How expeditions work in Outriders

Image via Square Enix

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Outriders, the new third-person shooter from developer People Can Fly, had somewhat of a rocky launch due to server issues. Players have been beset all weekend by disconnections as the servers keep randomly going down.

Even when playing in single-player mode, players are reliant on active servers to keep the game going. Unfortunately, many people have been getting kicked mid-mission, costing them progress in the campaign. People trying to play with friends are having an even harder time, as it is difficult to connect. Crossplay issues have been so prevalent that the feature has been turned off.

On the official Outriders Twitter, the team has stated that they are still working through the server issues but hope to be able to provide details on what went wrong and what was required to fix it “in the near future.”

Server stability is one of the riskiest aspects of launching any new game. Even when companies run beta tests and demos, there can be unknown issues that will only appear as the game’s population is increased and more servers need to be brought online.

While hardly a new problem for a game, they can still be frustrating for gamers out there who have purchased the game and hope to dedicate their hard-earned playing time to exploring a new world.

The server issues have been slowly improving over the last couple of days, so hopefully, People Can Fly will be able to fully resolve the issues soon. Outriders is turning out to be a fun game, with lots of players enjoying the content, but that server issues are unfortunately continuing to mar what should be a triumphant launch weekend for the team.