Outriders is putting the loot front and center in the run up to release

Yet another Legendary set has been revealed.

Image via People Can Fly

After recently announcing that Outriders would need to be delayed until April 1, People Can Fly have been using the game’s loot as a means to keep people hooked and hype levels high.

The team appears to be avoiding the pitfalls of similar titles by putting the actual rewards you will be earning front and center in the marketing. As a third-person action game that is heavily driven by character progression through earning loot, this is a pretty important area of the game, after all.

Today, the official Outriders Twitter account shared images and details on the Torrential Downpour armor set. Full sets, and their resultant bonuses, are as old are gaming itself, but it feels somehow refreshing to see a development team understand their importance in building hype for a game.

If you are going to spend hours chasing down a full set of gear, you want it to have a meaningful impact on your build. The Torrential Downpour is a set designed for the Technomancer, one of the game’s four playable classes. It will allow Scrapnel mines to create additional cluster bombs after they explode, adding ever more devastation to the Technomancer’s impressive damage output. Each armor piece also comes with two modification slots, allowing you to tweak what it does to suit your own needs and playstyle.

While many games would focus on gameplay clips of fancy screenshots to lure players in, the focus on the actual loot we will all be chasing is a fun approach. It is certainly a great way to get players thinking about what they want to do in the game when it releases.

If you want to try out the game for yourself and get into the action before it launches on April 1, then you can jump into the free demo on February 25. The demo will cover the first few hours of the game and allows both solo play and co-op with your buddies. All progress that you make will travel with you into the full game, which is always nice.