Over 10 million farmers have found their home at Stardew Valley

Sales hit 10 million in the much loved indie title.

Stardew Valley

There has been few success stories as heartwarming as Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone and his farming and life simulator Stardew Valley. It was today announced that the game has hit the 10 million sales mark across all platforms in a press release on publisher Chuckfish’s website.

The game, which takes heavy influence from the Harvest Moon series by now-defunct Victor Interactive Software, sees you create your farm, while also allowing you to take trips, interact and build up relationships with other NPCs. At the same time, there is also exploration, crafting, and fishing. It’s been lauded for its incredibly relaxing gameplay and social elements, as well as recent additions including co-op play. 

The game was initially released on PC in early 2016 and sold a million copies within the first two months of release. It’s since been ported to every major platform, while improvements and content patches continue to be added, including the ability to play the game in multiplayer with friends.

To offer an idea on the scale of sales for the game, Stardew Valley has sold more copies than one of last year’s best and biggest games, Borderlands 3. While this is over a shorter period of time, the amount of money placed on marketing and the hype behind the game far outstrips that which Stardew Valley has received at any point. That’s a lot of copies, and well deserved too!