Overwatch 2 Won’t Allow To Carry Progress And Items From The Original Game – Rumor

Overwatch 2 Won't Allow To Carry Progress And Items From The Original Game - Rumor

Over the last few days, we’ve received plenty of rumors and supposed leaks about Blizzard plans for BlizzCon, and those involve the likes of Diablo 4, Diablo 2 Remastered, and Overwatch 2, with some information even going very into the details.

When it happens so, there’s a chance that those rumors might all be fake or fruits of the fantasy of people posting them on the net, but also a hint about them possibly true if you consider the particular case of Overwatch 2, which we’ve been in the know for a while about.

Metro, a well-known insider of the Overwatch scene, is dropping more details every day about the reportedly incoming sequel, and during the last few hours, he has shared that “currently” there are no plans to allow players to carry their progression from the original game onto the sequel when it releases.

“Currently, there are no plans to be able to transfer items or progress from OW 1 to OW 2,” he shared. “Please don’t take this as a fact, I think if Blizzard changes one thing, it should be this. Again, this is current plans and hopefully not set in stone.”

Previously, we had heard that Overwatch 2 might feature an extensive PvE mode, which wouldn’t be limited to events from time to time but would be an important part of the game right away, and a levelling system for each hero that would allow you to unlock more powerful abilities when you play them a lot.

We’ll see if all these details will be confirmed at BlizzCon in a few days.