Overwatch 2 Gameplay Revealed


Overwatch 2 was announced at Blizzcon 2019, confirming the leaks that came out beforehand. The below gameplay trailer accompanied the announcement.

The sequel to Overwatch will feature story missions that take place following the recall in the first game. Every hero has received at least a small redesign with characters like Genji and Lucio getting big redesigns. Every map and hero that were in the first Overwatch make their return. Hero missions are highly replayable co-op missions to go alongside the story missions you will be playing through with friends. In PvE missions, you will be able to level up and upgrade your character. These “talents” boost your characters abilities. One example is Tracer’s pulse bomb will stick to multiple enemies if one is stuck by it. Your abilities can be set to your preference. Shown off in the trailer is Genji’s dragonblade launching out projectile attacks, Mei’s iceblock ability freezing those around her and Reinhardt’s hammerstrike affecting a large circular area around him.

PvP also is receiving new content as well. As mentioned before, all maps and heroes from the first game make their return. A new map set in Toronto was shown off as well as others. Sojourn and Echo are confirmed to be two of the new playable heroes. Jeff Kaplan did confirm that the sequel will have multiple new heroes, but did not show anymore. A new mode called Push is also coming to the PvP section. This is kind of a tug-of-war mode where both teams will escort one robot back and forth on the field.