Overwatch 2 is cutting down tanks and going to 5v5 competitive PvP games

Tanks for the memories.

Overwatch 2

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

While Overwatch 2 has shown much information on its new PvE content (including Story Mode and Hero Missions), we had not seen much on the competitive PvP side of things until this point. That has changed with the news that the game is going to alter the structure of PvP games in a big way by adopting a 5v5 game style. Once the game releases, teams will comprise two damage characters, two supports, and one tank.

This is a significant change for the future of Overwatch, considering that for the past five years, the game has been 6v6, with two of each role represented in role games. When talking about why this change was made, Game Director Aaron Keller said it was made to make the game more manageable and easier for players to carry a game.

With tank numbers being cut in half, PvP games will significantly change how they feel. Tanks will see a variety of changes to make them feel more capable of surviving brawls. For example, Zarya will have two charges of her bubble shield ability available from the beginning. Winston has also been given a new alternate fire that will charge up a blast of electricity and give him more range than he has had.

Players are likely to be a little wary of this change in philosophy for PvP going forward, but it will have a larger impact on players around the tank as well. For example, support players will now have much more resources they can dump into keeping tanks alive. Regardless of your feelings on this change, Overwatch 2 is going to put a more considerable emphasis on the importance of tank players.