Overwatch 2 To Feature New Engine, “Complete Content Update And Rebranding”

Overwatch 2 To Feature New Engine, "Complete Content Update And Rebranding"

We’re reported about leaks involving Overwatch 2 for the entire weekend, and those are looking more and more reliable as we get closer to the BlizzCon, which will most likely serve as the reveal event for the sequel in the Blizzard franchise.

A few more little details about the game have been shared by well-known insider Metro, who’s posted a TwitLonger message summarizing all the particulars popped up and revealing something else from a technical standpoint.

Based on the intel gathered by Metro, we learn that the game is featuring “a complete engine and content update and the rebranding of the game to Overwatch 2. I could best compare this to Fortnite Chapter 2, even though I don’t like it.”

Interestingly, we see that “Overwatch as we know it will be scrapped.” This is a statement that doesn’t clear up what’s going on with the sequel, as it could mean that the sequel could replace the original, even in terms of updating the existing title with the follow-up or that kind of thing.

I don’t see that happen since it would mean that Blizzard and Activision wouldn’t come with huge earnings at launch if that update would be free or would come with a cheaper cost for players of the existing title.

But, on top of all the things we’ve learned thus far, it’s interesting to note that the game will come with a brand new engine, that perhaps will come in when it has to deal with levels and abilities for the heroes old and new.

An announcement is expected to drop at BlizzCon this weekend, so it won’t take ages before we get the full and official news.