Overwatch 2 players absolutely despise the Battle for Olympus event, for a lot of reasons

Players aren’t enjoying the newest Overwatch 2 event.

Image via Blizzard

Overwatch 2’s latest update introduced the new Battle for Olympus event, one of Overwatch 2’s first original events that weren’t present in the original game. This new event features a number of challenges, rewards, and a free-for-all deathmatch game mode with characters themed to Greek gods. But fans aren’t impressed at this new Olympian-themed extravaganza, and there are an Olympian-sized number of reasons why.

One of the significant new additions from this unique event is a new FFA deathmatch mode, but fans have panned the balance of this new mode. A Reddit thread, calling the Olympus event “possibly the worst event in Overwatch history,” accrued over 2,000 upvotes, blasting the balance of the mode due to the presence of heroes such as Roadhog and Junker Queen.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another post, calling the event “a disgrace,” pointed out how the event skin is an old Mercy skin that has existed in the game for many years. This skin is Mercy’s Winged Victory skin, so those who have this cosmetic already will have little incentive to participate in the event. While it makes sense aesthetically, it is still a strange reward to choose.

Yet another common complaint is the difficulty of the event challenges, all for mediocre rewards such as player titles. To win certain exclusive player titles, you need to get 300 final blows in this particular game mode on seven characters. To get the Mercy skin, this means you need a total of 2,100 final blows. Additionally, support characters like Lucio are also in the mode, making this challenge even harder.

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are new skins that you can purchase from the game, but you’ll need to drop some real money. This is rubbing players the wrong way, as the only free skin is one already available to players. One player called the event nothing but a “skin showcase,” even pointing out how placing characters like Lucio and Widowmaker in a game mode full of tanks “doesn’t make any sense.”

There’s no word from Blizzard on any efforts to revamp this event or the rewards, but one thing is clear: players are not enthralled with the Battle of Olympus.