Overwatch Storm Rising is A New PvE Event

Overwatch 2 2020 Release

A new Overwatch PvE event called Rising Storm is headed to the live servers, starting tomorrow on April 16. To help celebrate the occasion and the new mission, Blizzard released a brand new story trailer highlighting it. You can check it out below.

The story centers around the criminal character we see during the video’s introduction, Maximilien. The Overwatch team has been sent out to take him down before the infamous Talon crook can get away. Maximilien is attempting to use an upcoming storm to mask his escape, giving the protagonist team a single shot to obtain him before he gets away.

The event takes place in Havana, Cuba, where players are going to rush through the beautiful streets to take down their prey. Overwatch’s Rising Storm event features Tracer, Winston, Genji, and Mercy. They’re going to face down waves of enemies, escorts of armored vehicles, and plenty of terrain changes as they rush through the streets in hot pursuit of their query.

During the teaser, we see Tracer riding a motorcycle, which may hint to a new mechanic we’ve yet to see in previous events. Blizzard did not go into details about how this would work, or what players could expect to do to catch the illusive Maximilien.

Players can also expect Blizzard to release a handful of new cosmetic appearance items, as they’ve done in the past for other story-related events.

The Rising Storm event starts tomorrow, on April 16, and goes until May 6.