Overwatch Director: Nintendo Can Add Any of Our Characters To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With Overwatch set to release on the Nintendo Switch in a couple of weeks, it seems that Blizzard’s relationship with the publisher is continuing to blossom. With that, the director of the game, Jeff Kaplan, is open to the idea of his beloved characters going over to their other franchises – namely, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Speaking with IGN, Kaplan confirmed that the company is free to add “whatever character” from Overwatch they like to the roster, though nothing has been confirmed just yet.

When asked who he wants to see Kaplan was open at first. “To the Smash Brothers team, whatever character you want, we love them all. They’re all our babies; you can have any single one of them. We have 31 to choose from,” he said.

But…if he had to choose just one, Kaplan seems open to the idea of Tracer. “Tracer’s our girl, Tracer’s our mascot. She’d be my first choice,” he said. “There’s a lot of great runners up. I think a lot of people can immediately see Doomfist gameplay applying to Smash, but if it were up to me, I’d like to see Tracer.”

To add to that, Wes Yanagi, the game producer of the Switch version, echoed that Tracer would be a good choice. But he also wouldn’t mind seeing Winston make the cut. Now that’d be an interesting run-in, between him and Donkey Kong. Place your bets?

The Smash team hasn’t confirmed any of these yet. At the moment, the only official name coming to the game debuts next month, with Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard joining the party. But there’s still an open slot with the current season, with the promise of more DLC fighters sometime in 2020.

Overwatch arrives on October 15 for Nintendo Switch. It’s currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.