Battleroyale Style Gameplay Coming to Paladins, Watch Trailer Now


Paladins is a free team-based hero-shooter, which followed the footsteps of Overwatch, more likely Paladins is the free version of Overwatch. In the game, you have to deliver the payload securely while the opposing team tries to stop you and vice-versa. It offers a few more game modes too. The game also consists of different classes of Heroes.

Paladins Battle Royale Mode

Now, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is a completely different style of PvP game. Which consists of 100 players on a huge map, and the last man standing wins.

Both the games are completely different games with different game styles. However, it the difference did not stop Paladins developers, Hi-Rez studios to make Paladins: Battlegrounds, the first Hero based Battle-royale game. In Paladins: Battlegrounds you are put in a squad and the last team standing wins, unlike PUBG.

Paladins are not the first game to add the Battleroyale mode. Fortnite and Warface also added similar game modes. Other games replicating this game mode is no surprise considering the huge success of PUBG, which recently surpassed 3 million players.