Paladins’ Season 5 update introduces new Champion VII

There is also a brand new 2022 Season Pass.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

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Season 5 of Paladins gets underway today and brings a host of updates along with it. It marks the introduction of VII, the game’s 53rd character, and a new 2022 Season Pass. There are also more changes on the way in Siege mode.

VII is an executioner who believes in dealing swift justice to his foes. His gameplay style focuses on ambushing enemies, with the ability to grapple onto walls allowing him to attack them when they least expect it. He wields a gun that can switch between three different modes: automatic, burst fire, and unloading the whole clip at once.

He is also quite spry, with the ability to dodge roll away from enemies, leaving an explosive trap in his wake. Meanwhile, his ultimate causes targeted opponents to flee in fear. Players can unlock VII simply by playing Paladins, and he already has six skins available. Two of these are available for free, while a further two are obtainable through the new 2022 Season Pass.

That pass is now available for 1,500 crystals. Through it, players can receive the new Jurassic Ying skin and the Dino Dash Mount. They will also get each champion that releases throughout the year. There is also a new Event Pass called Abyss Hunter Academy. It allows players to unlock the Class President Rei skin by playing matches. Meanwhile, purchasing the Event Pass unlocks Schoolyard Maeve straight away. In total, there are 24 rewards up for grabs, including a second version of both the previously mentioned skins.

Finally, in an upcoming update, players can experience Siege: Beyond. It is an alternative version of the regular Siege mode and will be available for four months when it arrives. It sees players choosing between three available items in the shop rather than the usual list. There will be four tracks to choose from, including Universal, Support, Tank, and Damage.