Path of Exile Headed to the PlayStation 4 in March


Grind Gear Games, the developers behind the hit free-to-play online action RPG Path of Exile, are ready to release their game to the PlayStation 4. But we still don’t know when, exactly, that will happen.

The game was set to come to Sony’s console last December, but the developers delayed it a few months for unknown reasons. The game’s director, Chris Wilson, sat down with Gamespot’s Alessandro Fillari to talk about this decision, along with the game’s upcoming update, Synthesis.

What may surprise fans is the fact the game was ready to go live on the PlayStation 4 when the December due date came around. However, the developmental team felt they could do better and wanted players to have the best possible experience with the game on day one.

Wilson said his teams had limited resources for a great deal of Path of Exile’s lifespan; it’s been challenging to make it over to consoles. Now that they had the time and numbers to make it happen, he didn’t want the team to make it to the console and then scramble to patch out any bugs they found post-launch.

During Wilson and Fillari’s talk, the exact date of the release was not detailed. Once we have that, we’ll know exactly when fans can download Path of Exile and jump in.

Path of Exile for the PlayStation 4 it’ll be free to play, much like the PC version.

To learn more about the Synthesis update, check out our guide discussing the details of the expansion.