Path of Exile PS4 Exact Release Time Revealed


Path of Exile, the best in class action RPG, is coming to the PS4 tomorrow. After a long wait for PS4 players, you guys can finally join in the fun! Path of Exile, from Grinding Gear Games, has become the best action RPG on the market over the last couple of years. The constant support and updates, dedicated player base, and free-to-play nature have all helped the game become a bit of a powerhouse.

In Europe, you will be able to download the game at 12 AM on March 26. Americans will be able to download the game at 8 AM PDT on March 26.

In Path of Exile, you can play as a Duelist, Witch, Ranger, Templar, Marauder, Shadow or Scion class. Set in the world of Wraeclast, you are banished after some minor evil that you got up to. It is up to you to explore the world, help the people within it, and reach that height of your power.

Featuring a massive skill tree, your hero can be built in a variety of ways, using hundreds of unique skill combinations in the form of gems. You can also build your own hideouts, engage in PvP, or work through content from any of the game’s expansions.

I may be wrong here, but I don’t think the PS4 has a huge amount of action RPG games to choose from, so the fact that the best one on the market right now is coming to the platform is great news! I hope you have a lot of fun looting your way around Wraeclast!


Path of Exile is now available on the PlayStation Store. Check out the link (for the United Kingdom)