Overkill Provides Payday 2 Console Update, But Some of the News Isn’t Great


With the publishers at Starbreeze resurrecting Payday 2 with more content in 2020, the developers at Overkill Software provided a “Wind of Change” update detailing what PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners can expect in the coming year. Unfortunately, there’s not as much good news as some were hoping—especially for Nintendo Switch owners.

In a detailed blog post, the developer discussed a new update, which is available “now-ish” for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will make the game “slightly closer to the current Legacy collection on PC.” However, some content isn’t making the cut; and worse yet, PC and consoles “will unfortunately have disparity going forward,” according to the post.

“Some of the remaining heists, together with the Safe House-feature, unfortunately have too high requirements in terms of optimization to be viable to port at this time,” Overkill said.

These include the following:

  • Shacklethorne Auction Heist (part of Icebreaker Campaign)
  • Reservoir Dogs Heist
  • Hells Island Heist (part of Breaking News Campaign)
  • No Mercy Heist (part of Breaking News Campaign)
  • The White House Heist (part of Breaking News Campaign)
  • The Safe House feature

Overkill did note that it will try to release weapons, masks, and mods from these missions in the game separately, but it wouldn’t guarantee the content would make the cut.

This also means console players won’t get access to the final “The Secret” storyline. Overkill noted it may “revisit” the content in the future. But again, no guarantees. It also said it will try to add the Silk Road campaign to the game, noting, “We’re looking into it.”

One version of Payday 2 that will definitely not get any further updates is the Nintendo Switch. “We’ve been forced to make many hard decisions along the road, and this is yet another,” Overkill said. “To put the Switch version separately into context, the transfer of the game over to the Switch platform was not made in-house and would require significant further investments to happen.”

What kind of divide this will create for Payday 2 in 2020 has yet to be seen. But there are likely to be a few players unhappy with these changes—particularly on Switch.