PayDay 2 Nintendo Switch Port Will Run At 1080p/30FPS In Docked, 720p/30FPS Handheld Mode


Nintendo Switch has received massive third-party video game developer support (including AAA developers such as Bethesda and Ubisoft) and it seems like the list is not going to stop anytime soon. PayDay 2 is the next big AAA video game that is going to release on Nintendo Switch (the game will be available starting from February 27). To hype, this upcoming launch, Overkill, the developer behind PayDay 2 has released a new developer diary which carries information regarding Resolution and FPS at which PayDay 2 will run on Nintendo Switch and what all content is going to be available to the players at the time of the launch.

PayDay 2 Nintendo Switch Resolution/FPS Revealed

PayDay 2 Producer Almir Listo revealed that the game will run at 1080p/30FPS in TV mode of Nintendo Switch, and if the player decides to play the game in docked mode then the figure comes down to 720p/30FPS. Furthermore, Almir revealed that PayDay 2 on Nintendo Switch will offer the following content on the launch day: 50 Theft Missions, 190 Weapons, 17 Characters, and 280 types of Masks.

Wait, that’s not all, PayDay 2 on Nintendo Switch will also support Touch Screen and HD Rumble and both these features can be access via in-game MENU. You guys can watch the latest PayDay 2 Nintendo Switch Dev Diary below.